Ep. 83

Growing up, Hollie (like so many of us) constantly heard the message that she needed to be thinner, smarter, faster, prettier. She heard it from the media, family, school, friends. As a result she became obsessed with how she looked, what she ate, how much she exercised and so much more.

To adapt to this backwards and unhealthy cultural norm, she adopted an “all or nothing” mindset; if she couldn’t do something perfectly (eat, exercise, wear make up), then she wouldn’t do it at all. And this lose-lose lifestyle left her feeling like a failure no matter what she did. The end result was that she didn’t know how to listen to herself, she didn’t understand what she needed or how important an aligned and holistic mindset is when building habits like good nutrition and essential movement.

Everything began to change when she was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and told that her ‘dysfunctional body’ would never be able to bring children into the world naturally. After riding a roller coaster of emotions and running through every thought possible, she knew that "there had to be a better way.” 

And she knew that the “better way” needed to start with listening to and learning to love her body. For years did the best she could, naturally conceived 2 beautiful children and built a life she thought was perfect. It wasn’t until being “surprised” with a third child did she begin to commit to building the bio-unique lifestyle that her body, mind and soul needed. 

And now through her work as an educator, coach, mentor and guide she supports a flourishing community of women as they uncover their bio-unique lifestyle, create their own solid mind-body connection and learn how to enjoy a full happy life. 

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Hollie's Dance Party Tunes:

1 - These days - Rudamental

2 - The greatest show - The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

3 - This is me -The Greatest Showman Soundtrack


Hey there Busy AF Superwoman!!! 

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