Art, motherhood & burnout: A unique journey & unifying human experience. Camille Myles is a French-Canadian multi-disciplinary contemporary ar...View Details

Driven by the belief that “You must be constantly working in order to be successful” at the age of 24, while making 6 figures and living her “dream li...View Details

She spent years living in burnout!  Denise describes her years living in burnout as ‘go-go-go-colapse-repeat’. And when she finally decided to break f...View Details

The Hot Mess to Awesomeness Podcast has ALWAYS been about amplifying women’s voices. And about highlighting the tenacity, capacity and resilience of w...View Details

What makes women Unique Unicorns of Awesomeness Amanda Gobatto, known to her clients and friends as a unique unicorn of awesomeness, is back for her s...View Details

Ep. 89 Courage: saying no to something you love when it doesn't love you back What would you do if the job you loved made it impossible to take part i...View Details

Ep. 88  Erin’s unique story began when she tested gene positive for Huntington’s Disease in 2007. Shortly afterwards she started suffering from depres...View Details

Ep. 87 Fitting in will ALWAYS leave you feeling less-than... So why do we fight so hard to fit in? Why do we sacrifice so much of ourselves for a life...View Details

Annika is a former HR Manager and special needs mom, who has recovered from burnout and anxiety twice in the last 5 years. Prior to her bouts with bur...View Details

Ep. 85 Helen Pearman Ziral (PhD), Professor of Humanities & Social Sciences is a human relations communication specialist, facilitator, wellness c...View Details

Ep. 84: The day before we recorded this episode Heather sent me this… “I had an epiphany yesterday, which I am sure will come up tomorrow. Just to sha...View Details

Ep. 83 Growing up, Hollie (like so many of us) constantly heard the message that she needed to be thinner, smarter, faster, prettier. She heard it fro...View Details

Ep. 82 Over 13 years ago my guest Pamela, like many young people, went looking for a career that was fun, engaging and would match her fast paced and ...View Details

Ep. 81 When Elena was 17 she came to the stark and life altering realization that if a boyfriend could dump her, then the world could just as quickly ...View Details

Ep. 80: Chloe Jean (CJ) struggled with what she thought she was giving up when she dove head first off the corporate ladder…for months it was messy an...View Details

Ep. 79 Knowing she was a born entrepreneur meant to blaze a trail, my guest Kerry took to the stage to share her message! While finding and fumbling h...View Details

Ep. 78 My guest Brooke White, of Kalidescope Art & Energy, first discovered her connection with spirit and her true self after a devastating exper...View Details

Ep. 77 Meg taught for 15 years, and as a teacher, she traveled with her husband and young son exploring all the world had to offer. When her mother wa...View Details

Ep. 76 Rose is an abduction survivor, now a coach, guide and goddess mentor dedicated to helping women discover their own inner light. Ascending from ...View Details

Ep. 75 5 years ago, standing in her kitchen, my guest Natasha heard herself say out loud...I HATE MYSELF!   She struggled for decades to fit in, belie...View Details

Ep. 74 When I met Diane I was truly inspired by her joie de vivre and passion for supporting local organizations. When I learned that she spent almost...View Details

Ep. 73 A show full of movie references and amazing analogies all about the containers you outgrow in your life.  Rassy and I discuss the hot mess life...View Details

Ep. 72 A very unique story that inspires and reminds us to follow our heart and ultimately do what makes us happy.    Cyreks was a new mom just a few ...View Details

Ep. 71 These amazing women have lived through chaos and been dealt some “shitty hands”. Now they’re creating the lives they knew they were meant to li...View Details

Ep. 70 How are you able to be sensual if you have no idea what your body feels like, looks like, what it can do or what feels good? Have you taken the...View Details

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