This highly energized conversation is filled with inspiration and information! Kristen’s story of living in the darkness and finding her way back to t...View Details

My guest Dani is a mom, wife, and multi business owner. Somewhere in between chasing her 3 kids, the 80 kids at her daycare center and the cattle on h...View Details

My guest Eva spent almost 15 years committed to becoming the Architect she had always dreamed of being. Living in NYC and working at one of the top fi...View Details

My guest Cheryl has always wanted to be a helper and very early on in her social work career she learned that her journey, her path, would be one that...View Details

In this great interview I learned how a spam fax (who remembers those?) changed my guest’s life forever!    After becoming numb to her HR work at the ...View Details

In this amazing episode, my guest Paige, through her story of leaving corporate law, selling all her belongs, losing sight in one eye and finally land...View Details

I am so excited to share this chat with my guest Ellen and grateful for her willingness to share her story through the pressures of conventional produ...View Details

Listen in to this great conversation where I learned the strategies that my guest Alisa Herriman, an uber successful entrepreneur, educator and nutrit...View Details

My guest Chantel spent over a decade learning about resilient behaviour and she has experienced first hand how the skill of focusing on our weaknesses...View Details

What if moving beyond people pleasing and the constant searching for the next thing led you to a passion project that can literally save the world; on...View Details

When I learned that business partners Julia and Melissa have been best friends since grade 3, I thought for sure there would have been plenty of bumps...View Details

Michele has always loved art, she is good at math and although she wanted to go to the Ontario College of Art she, under the advice of her family, too...View Details

Trish is passion-driven photographer who started, as many artists do…following her fascinations and enjoying her art as a hobby. Over time her craft e...View Details

My guest Ingrid spent many years trying to blow up the obstacles that got in her way…only to find out that these mountains showed up not to be moved, ...View Details

My guest Karen is now living her best life…it took her 50 years to let go of the patterns, the habits and beliefs that kept her “safe” and stuck! Not ...View Details

When Steph's dream of being a teacher didn’t go as planned, she decided to breath life into her “maybe someday” dream instead. Within months she opene...View Details

My guest Steph McFadden went from feeling like the conductor of The Hot Mess Express, day drinking and eating all the chips, to remembering that she d...View Details

 YES non-woowoo folk CAN manifest the shit out life! Heather's journey from her "good on paper job" (that drew her into the pit of unhappiness) to exp...View Details

 My guest, Tara Filteau, after coming off the loss in her local election, felt energized and inspired to figure out how to use her skills and passion ...View Details

 In Jan 2018, my guest Cara, a veteran paramedic and part-time musician, decided something had to change. She was done sacrificing what mattered most...View Details

 I had so many great aha moments during this interview! BIG thank you to Jess Crossan for sharing her time, her story and how she keeps an eye on her ...View Details

 “For most of my lift I felt like there must be something wrong with me because I haven’t always known what I wanted to do…I was well into my 30s befo...View Details

 This episode had me geeking out on so many levels…which of course I loved! A BIG thank you to my guest Holly who bravely shared her story about what ...View Details

 In this episode Anne and I, first of all danced our asses off to a kick-ass DANCE PARTY (not recorded), then we jumped right in to an AWESOME convers...View Details

 (FYI I know the sound sucks at the gets MUCH BETTER around the 1 min mark and even better shortly after that. Stick with us this is an...View Details

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