Ep. 57

For over 23 years my guest Pamela did not feel she had a voice. After having experienced severe childhood trauma and sexual abuse from the age of 10 to 14, she went deep within herself, never knowing who to trust or believing she would ever be ok again. 


At the time of her abuse and during the early years of her recovery, the world was a very different place and the technology to easily connect with resources and support was not available. Those suffering from mental health issues felt very isolated and alone.  Pamela bottled up her emotions, pushed them down where no one would see them and believed that the only way to live her life was under a heavy armour.  


After many years of building up the courage to step out of the shadows cast by her pain, Pamela felt a deep urge to share her story.  She knew that 1 in 4 people are affected by childhood sexual abuse and she felt drawn to use her voice to help others to find their own. 


She started with one very real and raw post on Facebook. Most of her family had no idea of the pain she had endured as a child. And with her brave act came many conversations, loss of relationships and more importantly a flood of support! 


Now through her blog and podcast, Find Your Voice, Pamela is helping thousands of people to break through their armour and unlock the next chapter of their story! 


Connect with Pamela https://www.facebook.com/findyourvoicepamelagalligan/

And tune into her podcast!  https://open.spotify.com/show/1H6zvX995n5VwSiPewD8hp


Pamela’s Dance Tunes:

1 - Better when I'm dancing by Megan Trainor

2 - This is me because it so powerful and can dance at the fast parts its got real soul.

3 - Can't stop that feeling

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