Ep. 62

Courtney is a certified life and leadership coach and an award-winning speaker. She is passionate about helping women create lives that they are excited about. One of her super powers is getting people to do things they never thought possible through the power of PLAY and FUN. Through many of the challenges of 2020 I channeled Courtney’s superpower and stepped way out of my comfort zone! Her passion for life has created a HUGE ripple effect!


During our conversation I learned that things didn’t start out that way. In 2009 Courtney had a one-year-old in daycare, she had just moved into a new house, and she had just gotten a new job. To say that the learning curve was steep was an understatement, but like so many new moms, she really felt like she could (and should be able to) handle it! After a few months into her new job, her world got rocked in a way that she could never have anticipated…she learned that her mom had terminal cancer.


Her grief, (and her children) changed her perspective on life. No longer feeling obligated to do anything, Courtney decided to follow her fascinations. She went back to school for psychology and trained as a coach. Then, after years of learning and processing her own experiences, she finally said yes to the one training that would change her life forever…She enrolled in Circus School!


The best part about that decision is that she didn’t have to do it alone. Over the years of searching and rediscovering real joy in her life, she built, and surrounded herself with, a community of Kick-Ass ladies.


From that moment on she made a commitment to continue her wild FUN adventures with the Kick-Ass Ladies, knowing that by challenging herself, and others, to experience more fun, she could overcome any obstacle! It’s been 7 years and every month she invites more women into her world where PLAY + JOY take centerstage.


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Courtney’s Dance Party Songs:

1 - Dynamite - BTS

2 - Let me take you dancing - Jason Derulo

3 - What a man gotta do - Jonas Brothers


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