Ep. 78

My guest Brooke White, of Kalidescope Art & Energy, first discovered her connection with spirit and her true self after a devastating experience. Her path from Hot Mess to Awesomeness had many ups and downs through relationships and beyond what she had long been conditioned to believe was the norm. 

Following her head injuries and the realization of her business Kalidescope (her spirit self), she noticed that she could feel the vibration of rocks and crystals with intensity. This connection to energy and vibrational healing led her to the realization that healing is not about fixing. True healing is about choosing love even amidst feelings of fear and being reminded that you are already whole, brilliant and perfect exactly as you are.

Now as an intuitive, sensitive and knowledgeable in energy and humans. She inspires, empowers and supports humans to release what no longer serves their best interest through art, energy healing and embodiment practices. 

“You are worthy and when you choose to embark on your own healing journey, you can live a reality that reflects your heart’s desire.

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Brooke's Dance Party Tunes:

1 - Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars 

2 - No Reason Why - Donna the Buffalo 

3 - Eyes of the World - The Grateful Dead


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