Ep. 88 

Erin’s unique story began when she tested gene positive for Huntington’s Disease in 2007. Shortly afterwards she started suffering from depression, then received more crushing news, she was infertile. Despite those diagnoses she was determined to have a family and live a joy-FULL life

Now she is on a mission to positively impact other people’s lives by sharing her story and speaking about genetic disease, depression, and infertility. She is the author of, All Good Things:  A Memoir About Genetic Testing, Infertility and One Woman’s Relentless Search for Happiness  She shows it is possible to live a meaningful life even when faced with unexpected obstacles.


In this conversation we covered decades of Erin’s story from agony through to joy and I asked her how she found the strength to keep going and (fortunately for all of us) write her inspiring memoir…


Listen and Hear Her Story in Her Words…

Yes, there are parts of Erin’s future that are certain and destined to be filled with pain. And by choosing to fully embrace her story, she is showing the world what it means to truly thrive.

From her Hot Mess moments she has learned, and is now teaching others, how to flourish; how to choose emotions, activities and thoughts that give this one precious life we’ve been given infinite joy, meaning and purpose.

I’m honoured to have had the chance to speak with her.

Get your copy of Erin's book:  “All Good Things”  https://www.erinpaterson.com/book/

Connect with Erin:
  1. https://www.erinpaterson.com/
  2. https://www.facebook.com/ErinPatersonAllGoodThings
  3. https://www.instagram.com/erinpaterson_allgoodthings/


Erin's Dance Party Tunes:

  1. Kings of Leon - Around the World
  2. Coldplay - My Universe
  3. The Lumineers - Brightside


Doing everything you should, keeping everyone happy & using every ounce of energy to keep everything running smoothly. I know you’re hoping that doing EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE will somehow make YOU happy … And like trying to hold sand in your hands, no matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to keep it all together! 

Honey that’s because… 

Happiness comes when you Embrace your Awesomeness & Build the Habit of Putting YOU 1st!!



  1. Bust through all the shitty shoulds
  2. End the battle with your inner critic &
  3. Learn to embrace your true fucking awesomeness

My job is to help YOU to believe in YOU again!

Learn More...https://www.dionnethomson.com/links

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