Ep. 67

This episode brings the podcast full circle, Roxanne and I recorded Episode 11 together, give or take a year ago. And now, in this episode, we quickly revisit what was happening then, at the beginning of “the great pause” as Roxanne calls it (COVID), the shifts she chose (and the ones she didn’t), and how learning about her Human Design impacted her life.


Specifically, we dove into why and how Roxanne came to learn about Human Design and the important lessons we can all learn and apply to our lives... like, my fav, when we understand ourselves, we are better at connecting with other people.


If you’re a fan of this podcast, there is a big moment that will really resonate with you. When you’re stuck in the busy woman cycle, i.e. getting caught up in getting shit done, you lose sight of when you need time to yourself...Time that makes it possible to feel useful and be in flow. Roxanne learned this lesson, and by embracing her Human Design, she found it easy to carve out the time she needed to rest, resulting in a greater sense of “productivity”.


Reminder: Busy is not always productive. You may be caught on a hamster wheel, so take a second to be still.


Roxanne shares a moment when she realized that her parenting looked a lot like conditioning her child to be like her...in her moment of clarity she found that the energy she was using to “fix” her child to be like her, was not serving either of them — hence Human Design.


Her biggest takeaway from her experience and one that really hit home… “We are all different. What is right for you may be different for someone else. You can’t spend the rest of your life trying to get people to be or think like you… what you can do is learn to listen and then you will be more compassionate.”


A big change for Roxanne came when she finally took a huge step out of her comfort zone to pursue the endeavour her heart yearned for. After some time, and trepidation, she took a small leap towards really getting to know herself and she has learned to listen to, and with, her heart.


She shares her experience of learning to be open to believing what people were saying to her about her. She realized that not everyone is blowing smoke...she also learned to entertain the idea that others CAN see our greatness, and that with time, and the right map, we can learn to see it too! This episode will hook you and give you a different perspective, something to look forward to, and the tools to get started.


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