Ep. 71

These amazing women have lived through chaos and been dealt some “shitty hands”. Now they’re creating the lives they knew they were meant to live and sharing all they’ve learned with brave women all over the world. 

Sash + Ash are independently brilliant and together they are a force! In this episode they share their powerful stories of chaotic living, addiction and incarceration. More importantly they walk us through how they learned that although we are not in control of the “stuff” around us we are always in control of how we respond. 

When asked how after years of spiralling out of control they learned to respond to their chaotic and build their business, Born Legacy, they shared this powerful message... 

You have to realize that where you are is not right, believe in your goal and want it so badly that you are willing to change everything to get it .! Sometimes that means isolating yourself, learning to listen to your heart and seeking out people that believe in you! When you put YOU 1st, you start to recognize the energy you are taking on from others and what it takes to keep yourself from getting stuck on their chaotic path. 

There’s no perfect way of living. Life is about learning to thrive through the hot mess so you can truly embrace the glorious life you have.  We are human “beings” not human “doings” which means that we are always able to grow and evolve.”

The energy these brilliant women emanate is contagious and the path they’ve chosen to walk will undoubtedly be a bright light for generations to come!  

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Sash + Ash's Dance Party Tunes:

  1. Beautiful (Akon)
  2. Livin My Best Life (Cardi B)
  3. Lets Go (Calvin Harris)


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