Ep. 74

When I met Diane I was truly inspired by her joie de vivre and passion for supporting local organizations. When I learned that she spent almost 5 decades as an IT professional, I was curious about her story and experience growing up in a male dominated profession. We booked some time to chat about the idea of her being a guest, (which I happened to record) and it took only a few minutes to realize that what I was recording was gold! Yes, it’s a bit different from my other episodes … a testament to the importance of adaptability!  


Diane is a retired IT Director with 50 years of programming experience. She studied Computer Science and despite being only 1 of a handful of women in her class, integrated well into the male dominated world of information technology. 


Diane shares that despite being one of the only women, she did not feel uncomfortable or out of place in her profession. And she chalks that up to having a father in the Air Force. Due to his occupation, Diane recalls moving often, which she believes made her extremely adaptable. 


The skills she learned from her childhood served her in the world of Computer Science. She was able to adapt and make her own mark. “What we believe of ourselves can dictate how we move in the world”.  


Since her retirement she has volunteered for the hospital amongst other health organizations and more recently has dedicated herself to volunteering for a local charity children’s orchestra, the Sistema Huronia Music Academy. This organization equips children from grades 3 to 8 with a musical instrument and teaches them how to play...for FREE!


Diane is happy to have been able to use her IT expertise to help out Sistema since the world went “online” in March of 2020. The way she was able to “adapt” to the new norms and connect students and teachers via Zoom is inspiring and helped to ensure that the kids had everything they needed to stay connected to the music they love .


Make sure to listen to this amazing episode and learn more about Diane and this organization that is in our own backyard!

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