Ep. 70

How are you able to be sensual if you have no idea what your body feels like, looks like, what it can do or what feels good? Have you taken the time to learn about your sexual pleasures? Is it a conversation you are too embarrassed to have? When is it ok to talk about our bodies and what turns us on?


In this episode Sheila and I talk about sensuality and self love. Sheila opens up about her relationship with sensuality or lack thereof. Growing up in a religious family and not being able to question what sex was about or understand her own body. Even out of her family home, living alone, she still felt she had to hide her questions and curiosity about sexuality and sexual education. 


As she got older she realized that in order to connect to her true sensual being she had a lot of self discovery work to do. She quickly learned that it’s not an all at once journey. Nobody has their shit together right out of the gate. Lack of connection with people willing to talk about it made everything harder and the internal battle, between her higher mind saying, “It’s ok to look at your body” and her inner critic yelling, “No this is bad!” She found that the only solace was in opening up her protective doors and seeking out people who understand.


Sheila reached a pivotal point in her life where she realized her body was longing for physical connection and yet her mind and religion would not allow the two to be something that could work together. 


She realized through trial and error that her personal enjoyment had to be discovered so she could be free. She was completely disconnected from her body and felt like pleasuring it was an out of body experience. It took time to learn how to be intimate and learn what she liked sexually and her husband was a patient partner, learning and discovering with her. Her happiness does not lie in the hands of her husband, on the contrary she is in control of what she enjoys and he gets to learn how to satisfy her and himself in unison. 


Her message to all women is that “Confidence is magnetic, when you have confidence in yourself and your body, it allows your partner to allow themselves to be free to be happy and it will be amazing.”


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Sheila's Dance Party Tunes:

  1. RuPaul-Sissy that Walk
  2. Kelly Clarkson-Broken and Beautiful
  3. Shakira-Try Everything


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