In this awesome episode I chat with my new friend Stephanie Calahan. She shares a story, a narrative, that you may have heard before. It goes like this — A young and successful consultant at a Fortune 500 company, moved up quickly in the ranks and had 300 people that reported to her by her late 20’s. She loved her job but something changed — the company went public.


The work environment became toxic and she was asked to do things that, in her opinion, were borderline unethical and didn’t align with her values. 


Then while on her way home from recruiting some University students on her day off — yup, she was working on her day off — feeling guilty about making job offers she no longer believed in, she decided to quit. She ran the idea past her husband, who agreed that it was the RIGHT decision. And within 3 months, she and her husband both quit their corporate jobs, sold their house, and moved cities with their toddler in tow. It was perfect...or so she thought. 


Stephanie left her job, but she didn’t recover from her workaholic tendencies; perfectionism, people pleasing, and lack of self worth. She had equated her value, her worth, to her busyness. She believed that everything had to be hard or it wasn't worth talking about. — Are you screaming, “that’s me too!”? - Eventually, this negative narrative caused serious, life threatening, health issues. And she was forced to stop everything. 


A lot has happened since then, and now, she has a life filled with ease, joy and success. Working with service-driven entrepreneurs, visionaries, and all sorts of remarkable professionals who are experts in their field, she gets to help them get out of their own way and build highly profitable businesses and extraordinary lives filled with impact and meaning


A BIG takeaway from all that Stephanie shared is a quick question she encourages all her clients to ask themselves when they feel stuck. One simple question that can help you to get creative and find an alternate solution to any problem you’re facing. A question that led her clients to give her the super-hero moniker, “The Problem Destroyer”!


“What’s the fastest, simplest, easiest, pain-free, and fun way to achieve ____________ (fill in the blank)?“


Tune in, catch all of Stephanie’s awesome stories, and align yourself with her pivotal message...Give yourself permission to find ease and joy in ALL that you do!

Connect with Stephanie: 




Clubhouse: @StephCalahan






Stephanie's Dane Party Tunes:

  1. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
  2. Juice - Lizzo
  3. Wings - Little Mix

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