Ep. 82

Over 13 years ago my guest Pamela, like many young people, went looking for a career that was fun, engaging and would match her fast paced and full life. She believed that becoming a fitness instructor would be the perfect fit! After taking the required weekend certification, she jumped into her new career. Very quickly she realized that the training she received was not nearly enough to support the people that truly needed her. 

In those early days she felt ill-prepared and she lacked the core knowledge required to teach more than just how to do the perfect squat! Her desire to help others, along with a deep passion for how things work, led her to follow her fascinations about the human body.

Her education and habit of going all in, led her on a winding path through the underbelly of the competitive fitness world, through years of deep personal transformation, all the way to being the wellness leader she is today!

Through it all she uncovered more about herself than she ever thought possible. She was able to shed the identities that had been holding her back and figure out exactly what it would take for her to truly feel and be whole. 

Now, committed to helping people enjoy all the activities they love with a strong healthy body, mind and spirit, she delivers the tools people need to connect to a ‘love of self’ through mindfulness and movement. 

Learn more and connect with Pamela: https://www.instagram.com/pamela_freedom.fit/

Dance Party Tunes:

1 - What difference does it make - The Smiths

2 - Malagenha - Sergio Mendes

3 - Big Time Sensuality - Bjork


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