Ep. 64

Today I am excited to be speaking with a Wizard. Frances shares her story from womb to present day. She walks us through the milestones in her journey and how she came to the realization that she is a Wizard. 


As a child, Frances grew up very close to her mother and was “always in her way”. She longed for attention and felt disconnected from her family members. As Frances got older, she noticed many unhealthy personality traits she shared with her mom, and wanted to change her ways. Through years of self reflection and Yoga practice coupled with breath work, Frances finally achieved the change she had been searching for. 


Did you know that your body remembers old pains and traumas? Frances explains how the mind and the body feed off of each other, causing us to feel certain things that our mind hasn’t dealt with yet. She explains that in order for you to change your habits, your mind and body have to be on the same page. The cycle of change can not be completed unless both are aligned. 


She explains what being a Wizard really means... 

“Wizardry is our ability to see things clearly- our beliefs, and our feelings. The beliefs are in our head, and the feelings are in the body. If we can observe the body and the messages it triggers in the mind, we have self-awareness, and eventually even self-control. The key message is that to heal, tuning into the subtle information in the body is essential- it can’t be done with just thinking. Wizards use the magic of their thoughts to change their experience of the world!” 


Tune into this exciting and informative episode, you’ll be happy you did!

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Frances' Dance Party Songs:

1- Closer to fine - The Indigo Girls

2- Late in the Evening- Paul Simon

3- Spirit In the sky - Norman Greenbaum


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