Ep. 66

This episode begins with a fantastic discussion about the process of social change movements with my extraordinary guest, Shannon Thompson. 


Bonus: Check out the quick 3 minute TED Talk describing what Shannon calls the power of the first follower 

“How to Start A Movement - Derek Sivers” https://www.ted.com/talks/derek_sivers_how_to_start_a_movement


Shannon and I dive deep into the world of independence versus interdependence. A world where women are told to walk on their own and be strong and to work hard to be their own person, Shannon sheds light on what that looks like from her vantage point as a recovering addict and global movement leader. Being a strong independent woman can be lonely and what we need most is interdependence. 


Shannon is the visionary of Shakti Rising, which I asked her to define for us. Her response: "Shakti is a grassroots social change organization transforming the lives of women and children and the larger community by cultivating leadership skills, financial, economical and ecological resilience and family wellness through a holistic feminine model”. That definition speaks volumes and she goes on to explain why we need to lean in and learn more.


In this episode, Shannon walks us through a powerful personal story from her past, that she rarely shares, and highlights the true essence of what it means to go from Hot Mess to Awesomeness.


You will be enthralled and uplifted, inspired, and amazed with what she shares with us. Get ready to be interdependently bold! In her words, “You do not need to try to be special, because you already are”. 


An awesome episode, with brilliant messages, hit play, and be inspired to align and amplify your light with Shannon Thompson!

Learn more and connect with Shannon:




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