Ep. 35
What if moving beyond people pleasing and the constant searching for the next thing led you to a passion project that can literally save the world; only to find out that what you love and want to share disgusts people? What do you do when your excitement and joy is met with a frown?
You laugh! 
My guest Cathy found her passion is vermi-composting (worm-composting) and has committed her life to bringing the benefits of worm composting to homes, schools and businesses everywhere. And when she realized that she could no longer bring home the negativity that she faced when she made attempts to share her love of worms with people at trade shows and networking events, she decided to explore the power of laughter yoga. 
She had always been know for her laugh and soon after discovering Laughter Yoga, she was certified as a Laughter Yoga Instructor + Trainer. Now she finds the balance and grounding she needs to keep her passion alive! 
Connect with Cathy: Worm-Composting http://www.cathyscomposters.com and/or Laughter Yoga http://www.cathysclub.com/

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