Ep. 69

In this mind blowing episode, my wonderful guest Janna and I discuss the world of emotions and pain. 


Now you all know that I love to geek out on a good science talk, and when I get to mix it with understanding emotions and how it all manifests into a physical form, that’s the stuff that makes my brain smile!


Janna shares her story and how she started to understand the evolution of her chronic pain and more importantly who she had become as a result of it. 


At the age of 19 Janna was in 2 major car accidents within weeks of each other. Those accidents resulted in 4 months of time away from work and deep rehabilitation. Although she did return to her regular life, 18 months later while experiencing a painful break up, she woke up with horrific and immobilizing pain in her neck and back. 


The emotional turbulence created by the demise of her relationship with the person she thought she was going to marry coupled with the trauma of her past and the injuries sustained in the accident, she began to remember childhood traumas she had suppressed. The residue of the suppressed emotions resulted in physiological pain she didn’t understand and for a very long time she was unable to gain relief. 


“I had days that were terrible and days that were less terrible. I could barely function. It was not the life I wanted to live. That’s what started my quest to find out why I was in pain.” 


Her journey to understand who she was began when she realized that the years of physical pain she had endured was correlated directly with emotional reactions to past experiences. 


She learned that emotions are navigational tools that most people refrain from using because talking about our emotions has been viewed as inappropriate in society, we don’t see it being modelled and we often don’t have people around to teach us how. 


Your physiological pain is more emotional than you think? 


This podcast episode is packed full of mind blowing information. Get a pen and paper, settle into your favourite chair and get ready for this ride!


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