Ep. 79

Knowing she was a born entrepreneur meant to blaze a trail, my guest Kerry took to the stage to share her message! While finding and fumbling her way through the speaking world, she realized how complicated and convoluted that industry can be. And even though she struggled, she trusted that her intense drive to succeed and the clarity of her message, would get her where she wanted to go. 


She ran into some deep ruts and obstacles, which she took as a sign that she was meant to dig in deeper. And after mastering the steps it takes to be seen, heard and valued as a speaker, she turned to help others climbing the speaking ladder to help them make sense of the complexity of the speaking world.


Kerry’s story takes some interesting twists and turns and through it all she learned how to appreciate herself, her struggles and most importantly that every message, big or small, matters!

Connect with Kerry - https://www.bookspeakrepeat.com


Kerry's Dance Party Tunes:

1 - Eye of the tiger - Survivor 

2 - Happy - Pharrell Williams

3 - Can’t stop the feeling - Justin Timberlake


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