Ep. 73

A show full of movie references and amazing analogies all about the containers you outgrow in your life. 

Rassy and I discuss the hot mess life and how you never really get rid of the hot mess, you just rearrange it and that the goal is to find the awesomeness in the hot mess. “Stuff grows better when you put shit on it right?!? Focus on being the seed and grow out of the shit... continue to grow and when you start to feel that tightness, find a new container. When you’re too much for the container you are in...get a bigger one.” 

Her entire life she grew up thinking something was wrong. Her awakening came when people she cared about pushed her away and she knew she was the only one who could do anything about the state of her life. 

Rassy shared that she completely fell apart, lost her shit. She embraced her hot mess. She recalls thinking…”Just let yourself fall apart, it's ok. Sometimes you have to burn everything down to the foundation and start all over again. Then you move into a bigger unfurnished place, a fixer upper. Had a studio with a doorman and now you move into a farmhouse and you can do whatever you want to do with it. It’s yours and it gives space to spread everything you have. You get to build it.” Another awesome analogy!

Sometimes we fail to remember where our thoughts and ways of living come from. Why do we like the things we do? Have you ever found yourself at the grocery store buying things you are so used to buying but want to try a different thing and feel resistance to change? Why exactly is it so hard for you to buy the different granola bars? Is it because it’s tradition and you’ve had your parents buy that kind and therefore you think it’s the only kind you should buy? Another amazing analogy! We discuss where that idea comes from and how we felt when we “figured it out”.

Ultimately, Rassy reminds us to fill our cup not because we have to fill everyone else's but because we need to be filled always. If there is any spilling out and someone wants to have some, that’s fine too, but we do not need to worry about anyone else’s cup, only our own! (mind blown...analogy)

This show is full of laughs and amazing conversation that taps your brain and heart in all the right places! You will walk away with a smile on your face and a new way of seeing your life; from family, to friends, alone, and with company. Rassy has a story and a great explanation for all types of situations!  

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  3. Shy Guy - Diana King

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