Ep. 58 From being diagnosed with depression at a young age, through believing that her happiness would come from climbing the corporate ladder, to suf...View Details

Ep. 57 For over 23 years my guest Pamela did not feel she had a voice. After having experienced severe childhood trauma and sexual abuse from the age ...View Details

Ep. 56 After owning a martial arts school for more than 25 years, Michelle found the courage to let go of who she believed she was and uncovered the t...View Details

Ep. 55 In this Special Episode my Life Coach + bestie Leanne Quesnelle is back to interview ME! I was the quintessential good girl. I lived my checkli...View Details

Ep. 54 In this episode I have the honour of chatting with my long-time BEST friend Leanne Quesnelle. Our friendship, like many that have lasted 30+ ye...View Details

Ep. 53 My guest Rose survived childhood trauma and a series of traumatic events in her young adult life. The aspects of her story that she has chosen ...View Details

Ep. 52 In the midst of her divorce Daniella felt called to uncover, more to the point, unleash her sacred sexuality. From her first workshop on shame ...View Details

Ep. 51 From the age of 12, when Alison realized that who she really was, was too much for the world and ‘not allowed’… through the 2 years she stayed ...View Details

Ep. 50 Stephanie looked up one day from her VERY ‘good on paper’ life and realized that all the work she was putting into her 9-5 was not leaving room...View Details

Ep. 49 My guest Sandy, a brilliant Master of Social Justice student, living happily with her husband and 4 children, shared with me an amazing story. ...View Details

Ep. 48 As a coach, author and speaker, Lisa has helped thousands of people to build authentic lives that match their soul’s calling. She has always fe...View Details

Ep. 47 Jennifer’s story is one of survival, coping and healing through the experience of being 1 of four daughters of a brilliant woman suffering thro...View Details

Ep. 46 I am so excited to welcome back to the podcast my friend Heather DiSanto. During her first guest appearance we talked about the Magic of Manife...View Details

Ep. 45 As a psychotherapist Debbie takes her role as a helper very seriously. And before becoming a mom, she had mastered the ability to help others a...View Details

Ep. 44 This highly energized conversation is filled with inspiration and information! Kristen’s story of living in the darkness and finding her way ba...View Details

Ep. 43 My guest Dani is a mom, wife, and multi business owner. Somewhere in between chasing her 3 kids, the 80 kids at her daycare center and the catt...View Details

Ep. 42 My guest Eva spent almost 15 years committed to becoming the Architect she had always dreamed of being. Living in NYC and working at one of the...View Details

Ep. 41 My guest Cheryl has always wanted to be a helper and very early on in her social work career she learned that her journey, her path, would be o...View Details

Ep. 40 In this great interview I learned how a spam fax (who remembers those?) changed my guest’s life forever!    After becoming numb to her HR work ...View Details

Ep. 39 In this amazing episode, my guest Paige, through her story of leaving corporate law, selling all her belongs, losing sight in one eye and final...View Details

Ep. 38 I am so excited to share this chat with my guest Ellen and grateful for her willingness to share her story through the pressures of conventiona...View Details

Ep. 37 Listen in to this great conversation where I learned the strategies that my guest Alisa Herriman, an uber successful entrepreneur, educator and...View Details

Ep. 36 My guest Chantel spent over a decade learning about resilient behaviour and she has experienced first hand how the skill of focusing on our wea...View Details

Ep. 35 What if moving beyond people pleasing and the constant searching for the next thing led you to a passion project that can literally save the wo...View Details

Ep. 34 When I learned that business partners Julia and Melissa have been best friends since grade 3, I thought for sure there would have been plenty o...View Details

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